•     No to the EDL exploiting the suffering of victims of abuse
  •     Justice for the victims
  •     Don't let the racists divide us.

We condemn the decision by the English Defence League (EDL) to come to Oxford on Saturday 4th April to exploit the suffering of Oxfordshire victims of child sexual exploitation to further its own selfish ends.  This is not the first time that the EDL have tried to take advantage of the suffering of exploited children.  They previously tried to use the abuse of children in Rotheram to stir up hatred against Muslims.

Sexual exploitation is an appalling crime, but it is not linked to ethnicity or religion. As the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre point out, ‘Child sexual exploitation is not confined to one community, age, demographic, social status or gender.’  We support and seek justice for all victims of sexual exploitation regardless of their social or ethnic background.  

The EDL is a racist group dedicated to attacking Asian people and Muslims. Islamophobia – bigotry against Muslims – is as unacceptable as any other form of racism. Today they threaten Muslims, tomorrow it could be Jewish people, Hindus, Sikhs, black people, LGBT people, Travellers or East Europeans.


Thursday 7pm 26th March, Oxford Town Hall.

Invited speakers:
Weyman Bennett UAF Joint national secretary
Megan Dobney - Regional secretary SERTUC
Institute Race Relations speaker
Michele Paule – Labour City Councillor
Ruthi Brandt – Green City Councillor
Imam – Oxford Central Mosque Committee
Mohammed Abassi - Mayor of Oxford – invited to Chair

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Demonstrate Saturday 4th April - assemble 11am Carfax Tower

Supported by Oxford & District Trades Council; Ruskin UCU

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