In an email response to recent Oxford Unite Against Fascism (UAF) press releases condemning the planned national demonstration in Oxford by the racist English Defence League (EDL) Charles Maggs and Jack FM have chosen to ask Oxford UAF publicly whether we will be opposing Anjem Choudary speaking at the Oxford Union.   It would appear that Jack FM have nothing to say about the EDL encouraging hundreds of their racist thugs to come to Oxford to exploit the suffering of the children who were abused in the county and to stoke up racism towards Muslims in the city.  In contrast Jack FM is exercised by Anjem Choudary's visit to the Oxford Union. This doesn't surprise us given the daily Islamophobic rants that are served up by Politicians and the media.

For the record, UAF are not against free speech, but we are an organisation committed to campaigning against racism and fascism. We would be more than willing to provide Jack FM with an interview to explain the objectives of our organisation so that in the future you will be in a better position to report the news.

Will Jack FM be joining the 120 people plus Oxfordshire bodies who have signed the petition condemning the EDL decision to come to Oxford on the 4th April?