The EDL Facebook event for their Oxford demonstration on Saturday 4th April uncritically carries a posting of an image of Hitler with the caption "Do to the Muslims what the Nazis did to the Jews".  

These are the kind of views representative of the EDL members being called into Oxford and they need to be challenged.

Oxford Unite Against Fascism has been campaigning hard to bring as much of Oxford's diverse community together to challenge the EDL fascist politics and campaign of racist hate on Saturday.

Hundreds have condemned the EDL's attempt to hijack the suffering of Oxfordshire victims of child sexual exploitation to stoke up racist hate against Oxford's Muslim community.  

Spreading racist lies was one of the tactics the Nazis used against the Jews, and ended with 6 million Jews exterminated in death camps, with millions of "undesirables" - political opponents, mentally ill, Roma, dissenting clergy, and LGBT murdered too.  We must not et the racists divide us.

We are asking all our supporters for one last push to bring themselves and as many friends, family and work colleagues to Bonn Square on Saturday from 12 noon to demonstrate against the EDL marching in Oxford.  

Let's make it clear the EDL are not welcome and that any attempt to build or mobilise locally will be met with overwhelming opposition.

Demonstration supported by:

  • Oxford and District Trades Council
  • Ruskin UCU,
  • Banbury GMB No1,
  • Oxfordshire UNISON Health,
  • Oxfordshire Fed NASUWT,
  • PCS DWP South East Regional Committee
  • Oxford City Unison
  • Oxford Peoples' Assembley
  • Oxford CND
  • East Oxford PPC for Labour Party, Green Party, and Trade Union & Socialist Coalition (TUSC)

"The EDL are attempting to use the victims of abuse to promote racism and Islamophobia in Oxford. This is unacceptable and it is therefore crucial that as many people as possible attend the UAF demo on Saturday to show them they are not welcome here."

Dionne Walton, Treasurer, Oxford Love Music Hate Racism


"The EDL are trying to stir up hatred against a minority group using the shocking Bullfinch Case. We do not hear them taking an anti-Roman Catholic line for all the child abuse that occurred in that faith community!

Their silence is deafening on Jimmy Saville and his actions.

They only want to target Muslims, first with their anti-Sharia Law campaign and now trying to use the Bullfinch Case. They do not care about the victims of abuse, they just want to abuse minority groups, initially with Muslims, but if we let them, they will move on to another group and then another and another, if we do not stand up to them now, we may not be able to stop them in the future."

Pól O'Ceallaigh, President, Oxford and District Trades Council


"On behalf of Oxford City UNISON Branch, we absolutely support any action that makes a stand against any form of Fascism, and urge everyone to make stand against any organisation that promotes the exploitation of the suffering of Oxfordshire victims of sexual abuse, in order to raise their hatred against our Muslim communities, work colleagues and neighbours.

"The Demo on Saturday is our opportunity to tell them that their narrow minded views are not welcome here or anywhere, we need a big turnout to show them that we will support our Asian communities by whatever means necessary!" 

Caroline Glendinning, Branch Secretary Oxford City Unison".


"The EDL is a racist, hate-filled organisation, who has targeted Oxford because it is a place where different communities are living peacefully not just alongside each other, but with one another. In face of their attempts to divide us and turn us against our Muslim sisters and brothers, we must stand united and show them that our sense of community, respect and friendship is stronger than their hate." 

Green Cllr Carfax Ward Ruthi Brandt


"The EDL seek to divide and weaken our communities. They threaten our young people and are willing to cynically exploit the reality of child sexual exploitation to serve their divisive agenda. As teachers, we will stand together with the people of Oxford to reject their politics of hatred." 

Gawain Little Secretary, NUT Oxfordshire & National Executive member


"By cynically exploiting the suffering of victims of terrible crimes to promote their own racist political agenda, the EDL are prolonging the injury to our community. Oxford people want justice for the victims and proper planning to keep our children safe - not scapegoating and division. The EDL are not welcome in our City."

Labour Cllr Mike Rowley, Barton Ward