Over 300 trade unionists,students, workers , city and county councillors, PPC's, pensioners, Muslims, Christians, Quakers, socialists and community campaigners took to the streets of Oxford against the fascist EDL today. The protest was supported by a large section of the Oxfordshire Trade Union movement, the Muslim community, and was attended by Oxford's Mayor.

Determined to show the scale of resistance to the EDL, angry protesters marched to St Aldates where just over 100 EDL were holding their fascist rally opposite the police station. People tried their best to disrupt their speeches with chants of "Nazi scum of our streets" "Whose streets, our streets" and "There are many many more of us than you!"

Oxford Unite Against Fascism would like to thank everyone who turned out today, and everyone who helped build the protest in recent weeks particularly teachers, health workers, council workers, Labour, Greens,TUSC and members of the Muslim community.

Unite Against Fascism also mobilised in London on the same day to outnumber the the latest Islamophobic campaign group Pergida which held it's first London march on Saturday.

Saturday was ours. Now we need to fight for tomorrow as fascists groups continue to seek ways to organise and grow in our ocal communities.  Britain First has called a racist march in Dudley in May and the EDL are now targetting Walthamstow Mosque for a march.

We need to build the broadest campaign against these groups and link with other sister organisations across Europe who are also campaigning against fascist organisations like Golden Dawn in Greece, Jobbick in Hungary and the Front National in France. 

Join UAF today and help take forward the fight against fascism. http://uaf.org.uk/join-donate/

Facebook users can like the new Oxford Unite Against Fascism page here  Please invite your friends to join us. 

 April 4 UAF demo Collage