Within days of being elected to government David Cameron has made it clear there will be no let up of racist scapegoating of migrants and demonisation of Muslims.  Cameron wants to abandon the principles of asylum for people fleeing war and persecution, instead opting to use naval and air gunships to stop migrants getting on boats.  Underpinning this is a racist lie that low wages, housing shortages and stretched public services are caused by immigrants despite clear evidence that immigrants contribute far more to the economy than they claim in welfare.

At the same time new laws are planned that target Muslim's where it "is not enough to be within the law".  Home Secretary Teresa May cited the "trojan Horse" scandal as as evidence of the necessity of the new law - when the real scandal was that the allegations made against Muslim faith schools were groundless.  The vagueness of the new law against "radicalisation" permits the arbitrary criminalisation of behaviour and thinking merely because it is deemed to be offensive by the government of the day.  Such a law will increase the perception that Muslims are a problem to be dealt with by more restrictive laws.

The racist campaigning in the run up to the election had an impact that boosted UKIP's vote.  We need to urgently counter this growing tide of racism.

On 20th June the People Assembly has called a national demonstration againsty austerity.  Anti-racist organisations are calling on supporters to help form an anti-racistbloc on the march to challenge the use of racist scapegoating to divert people's attention away from those really causing austerity.

Oxford Unite Against Fascism supporters are invited to attend the Oxford mobilising committee at 7pm Thursday 21st May to build the Oxfordshire mobilisation to national "End Austerity Now" demonstration on June 20th.

Fascists humiliated at the general election

The BNP faced humiliation in this election, with 5 out of its 8 candidates failing to poll 1% of the share of the vote.  This is a long way from the significant electoral threat it posed in the last decade, when it threatened to take control in Burnley, Barking and it held a European Parliamentary seat.  It is a testament to the work of Unite Against Fascism, which challenged its racism, Islamophobia, anti-semitism and bigotry to expose it and turn out the vote against it that is a busted flush today.  For full election report click here.  The work of UAF is only possible thanks to its supporters. Click here to join, donate or take out a standing order so that we can continue to strive for a fascist free future