Don't Let the fascists divide us - solidarity with Refugees!

Fascists in Britain from a variety of splinter groups aim to emulate what German Neo Nazis from the NPD have done in targeting refugees in recent weeks. They have called a demonstration in Dover to demand the border to the UK is closed, in keeping with their fascist politics.
Nazis have attacked refugee hostels and tried to intimidate those who have shown solidarity with refugees in Germany.

Anti fascists here, have taken heart from the anti Nazi protests in Dresden and the huge show of support for refugees, at German football matches, recently. British fascists wish to focus hatred on those who are seeking safe sanctuary and make better lives, away from wars and persecution, in states such as Syria and Afghanistan. Though tiny, such fascists look to grow off the back of some of the appalling treatment of refugees in much of the mainstream media; they can't be allowed to parade their racism, unopposed. Refugees are our brothers and sisters, who anti fascists welcome and support.

The huge groundswell of support for refugees in the last week opens up the door to challenging the anti-migrant narrative that been circulated by maintsream parties and press that has  helped the fascists to keep going.  Anti-fascists need to build this mood to further marginalise the fascists who are trying to build anti-migrant campaigns.

Oxford "Refugees are welcome here" protest Sunday 6th Sept, assemble 3 pm, steps near Sheldonian Theatre, Broad St. Facebook event

"Refugees welcome here" national day of action called by Stand Up To Racism Saturday 12th September Facebook event

Demonstrate against the fascists in Dover, Sat Sept 12, Dover, 12noon, Town Centre

Fascist groups such as the BNP and EDL are small and demoralised, due to anti fascists efforts, in which UAF has been central. In a time of austerity and Islamophobia, the fascist groups in Dover on September 12th are looking to regroup.

Fascists have nothing to offer, refugees do! Generations of immigrants have been central to the NHS, for instance. Without such, one of the key bedrocks of our society would be hard to maintain. UAF encourages members/supporters to stand with locals who reject the far right's scapegoating, and want Dover free of fascist poison. Join us on Sat Sept 12th, bring friends, workmates, union and other banners, let's ensure that the message is clear: No to the Fascist bigots, Refugees are welcome here! @uaf ‚Ä™#‎neveragain‚Ĩ