Tens of thousands marched through London last weekend to demand urgent action to help refugees in crisis across Europe and the Middle East. Dozens of solidarity protests took place across the country.

At the same time hundreds of fascists mobilised in Dover to spread their message of racist hate against refugees. The mass demonstration in London helped to push the the pro-refugee feeling to new heights, making the fascists efforts miniscule in comparison.  There can be no doubt the new mood will make it harder for mainstream politicians to use racist scapegoating of migrants to win support, which in turn makes it harder for the fascists to organise.

However David Cameron remains determined to limit UK support, refusing to take refugees already in Europe, and promising help for "up to" 20,000 refugees outside Europe over the next 5 years. At the same time his government remains under pressure from UKIP to use racist scapegoating.  We cannot be complacent as the right will try and reverse the mood to return to a climate of racist scapegoating, which in turn gives the fascists confidence to mobilise. 

We need to keep up the pressure to demand the British government acts open the doors to refugees as people of the UK are demanding, this will make it harder for the mainstream politicians to resort to racist scapegoating.  At the same time we must be prepared to mobilise wherever fascist groups raise their heads.

Stand Up To Racism and Fascism is calling on supporters of refugees and migrants to join a bloc on a national demonstration at the Tory party conference on 4th October to keep up the pressure and to carry the message to anti-austerity demonstrators that refugees are welcome here. Subsidised transport is running from Oxford but people need to book soon. Oxford Unite Agsinst Fascism calls on all anti-racists and anti-fascists to mobilise to keep up the pressure on the Tories to block the return to racist scapegoating of migrants that makes it easier for fascists to mobilise and grow. 

See this link to book seats on the transport from Oxfordshire https://goo.gl/s9Nvqx