Stand Up to Racism and Fascism - national demonstration

Assemble central London 12 noon Saturday 19th March.

Coach from Oxford £12/£6.  Book seats on Oxford transport online or ring 07503169657

Facebook event


Keep the fascists out of Oxford University - sign the open letter

Fascists are trying to organise in Oxford University. Their facebook page "Oxford University White Student's Union" is filled with images and text designed to incite racist hatred, hatred against women, and people with disabilities. It denigrates anyone on the left, including student Labour activists and human and women's rights campaigners.

It is virulently anti-Semitic and denies the Holocaust, calling for a "lampshade party" with an image of Ann Frank's face on a lampshade on the head of someone dancing outside the gates of Aushwitz death camp.

It demonises Muslims as rapists and calls for volunteers to "drive rapists out of their communities" to rape female students, and blames white women for "migrant rape". It denigrates Black Oxford University Rhodes Must Fall campaigners "as low IQ chimps". It verbally and visually abuses people with disabilities.

Their page calls for active support for fascist demonstrations against refugees and supports violent confrontation with anti-fascists, and expresses solidarity with other fascist groups.

Help us to build a mass campaign to keep fascists out of Oxford University - fsign the open letter online here