20,000 people joined the national Stand Up To Racism demonstration in London on 19th March.  Mass demonstrations against racism and fascism also took place in a total of 17 cities across Europe.  This reflects the growing mood to challenge the racism that has seen far right groups mount violent attacks on refugees, a rise in racist attacks against Muslims, and in the case of the ADF in Germany, and ultra-nationalists in Slovakia a sharp rise in electoral support.  In the Ukraine fascists also hold seats in the government.

The Unite Against Fascism strategy of mobilising against the fascists whenever they raise their head has seen their mobilisations dwindle in the UK but they continue to seek to grow out of the racism coming from mainstream politicians and the media directed against migrants, Muslims and refugees. We can't let this happen.

To keep the fascists small and isolated we need to continue to hold the kind of protests seen in Preston, Rotheram, Dover and Swansea where local people have repeatedly shown they can unite and mobilise more than the fascists can for their national demonstrations.

No to Nazis in Dover! Refugees Welcome, Nazis Out - demonstrate 2nd April

Neo Nazis are returning again to peddle race hate in Dover, focusing on anti refugee bile. Many will remember the fascists behaviour that day, in contrast to the widely backed Kent Anti Racism Network (KARN), last January. Some individuals were also targeted by fascists. In response KARN have again called a demonstration to counter the fascists poison. UAF support this.  If you would like to join a delegation from Oxford to the demonstration please email back.

EDL not Welcome in High Wycombe - don't let the racists divide us - demonstrate 9th April

Assemble Guildhall, 12 noon.

The EDL are again trying to hijack the suffering of victims of child exploitation to incite racist hatred against the Muslim community of High Wycombe.  The fascists are trying to demonise the whole community as supporters of child abuse and terrorism and have called a national demonstration to push their mesage of hate on the streets of Wycombe.

UAF and High Wycombe Community Advocates have called a counter demonstration to show the racists are a minority.  We are looking for volunteers to help build the campaign against the EDL's racist message and to ensure the biggest possible counter-demonstration on the day.  Email back if you can spare a few hours to help leaflet in High Wycombe.
We are also asking people and organisations to sign an open letter that exposes the EDL's racist lies - please circulate the link to contacts particularly in High Wycombe.  Printed copies can be downloaded here.  Pre-printed leaflets available on request.
Ask your trade union or community group to support the counter-protest and open letter. 
Counter protest supported by: Supported by: Bucks Trades Council;  DWP Bucks and Oxon PCS; Bucks NUT;  CWU South Central Postal;  Bucks UNISON Health;  Chiltern Peace and Justice Group; Oxfordshire UNISON Health branch

Sign the open letter - Keep fascists out of Oxford University

Fascists are trying to organise in Oxford University. Their facebook page "Oxford University White Student's Union" is filled with images and text designed to incite racist hatred, hatred against women, and people with disabilities. It denigrates anyone on the left, including student Labour activists and human and women's rights campaigners.  It is virulently anti-Semitic and denies the Holocaust, calling for a "lampshade party" with an image of Ann Frank's face on a lampshade on the head of someone dancing outside the gates of Aushwitz death camp.

Help us to build a mass campaign to keep fascists out of Oxford University - sign the open letter online here