Support for the demonstration against the EDL this coming Saturday 9th April has taken off with hundreds of local people saying they will be coming.

Join us near the Guildhall, High Wycombe from 12 noon onwards. Protest leaflet can be downloaded here.

Hundreds have signed the open letter condemning the EDL's hijacking of the the suffering of Bucks victims of child exploitation to stir up racism against Wycombe's Mulsim population. 

Tracy Walsh from Unite Against Fascism said "With just a few weeks notice people in High Wycombe are showing they reject the EDL's attempts to demonise the town's Muslim population.  They can see through the EDL's racist lies and are prepared to take action against them.  People are appalled that the EDL would use the suffering of victims of abuse to justify their racist march and have said they will join the anti-protest to show the EDL are an unwelcome minority".

Kate Douglas, Chair, PCS DWP Buckinghamshire & Oxfordshire "PCS DWP Bucks and Oxon branch are opposing the EDL bringing hatred and division to our community. PCS members are black, white, gay, straight, Muslim, Christian and Jew. Our fight is against cuts to public services and attacks on our terms and conditions, not against each other."

Richard Dunn, Chair, Chiltern Peace & Justice Group. “Racism is an ugly and poisonous creed. Its targets may change, but it always aims to divide and demonise. It is essential, therefore, that we stand together and confront it - no running away or hiding.   Let's stand together, united as one race: the human race.”

Ed McKeon Chair Amnesty International High Wycombe branch said “Amnesty International was founded on the principles and international structures for human rights, based on the equality of all before the law. The EDL’s positions assume that some people are more equal than others, and their march is an intentional provocation to assert that. High Wycombe is town with diverse communities, that gets its character from the interaction and relationships between communities. We reject any action that aims to drive a wedge between the people of Wycombe, that insists that some parts of the community must apologise for their faith, identity or heritage."