Over 250 people joined a vibrant anti-fascist protest against the EDL’s latest attempt to stir up race hatred, this time in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire.  In contrast the EDL were able to mobilise a pathetic 75 for their national demonstration.   The counter-protest, called by UAF and High Wycombe Community Advocates, was supported by Buckinghamshire branches of PCS (DWP), UNISON Health, CWU (postal), NUT and Bucks Trades Council.  Other groups gave strong support to the building the demonstration including Chiltern Peace and Justice group and  Amnesty International High Wycombe. The anti racist demonstration reflected the diversity of Wycombe’s population, and was also attended by District Councillors.

The anti-racist demonstrators came out despite a strong message for everyone to stay at home and ignore the EDL, with police stressing a very heavy presence and scare stories in the press of riots.  Police were also reported as threatening to use PREVENT against Muslims getting involved in the campaign to mobilise against the EDL.

Demonstrators occupied the town centre to get the message across to the public that active anti-racism is the way to beat the EDL.  Determined to show the scale of resistance to the EDL the anti-fascists  marched to disrupt the EDL rally with chants of “Nazi scum off our streets”  “There are many many more of us than you” and “Whose streets, our streets”

The EDL will be demoralised by the scale of opposition, their dreams of building their local group in tatters.  High Wycombe is now more united and organised to oppose racism and fascism.