Sign the open letter no fascist speakers at Oxford Brookes University - cancel Tommy Robinson's invite

Tommy Robinson, ex-leader of the fascist English Defence League (EDL), has been invited to speak at the Oxford Bfrookes University on 8th March 2017

As leader of the EDL Robinson organised and led violent racist demonstrations and waged a campaign of demonisation of Muslims.  EDL marchers chanted "you build your Mosques, we'll burn them down", and racially abused black and Asian people.   Many EDL members have been jailed for racist violence, racial abuse and attacks on Mosques.

Robinson may have abandoned trying to lead a fascist street army for the time being due to the strength of opposition against him but he continues to incite racial hatred against Muslims under the same false flag of 'tackling extremism'.  His twitter feed and facebook pages consist almost entirely of anti-Muslim postings designed to incite racist hatred, including portraying Muslims as supporters of terrorism and child abuse.

Robinson is currently trying to rebuild his fortunes using President Trump's anti-Muslim travel ban.

The last time Robinson spoke in Oxford the EDL followed with a racist march trying to stir up race hatred by exploiting the suffering of rape victims and scapegoating Muslim men as the problem, using the same arguments and language Robinson uses.  

By hosting Tommy Robinson Oxford Brookes University is contributing to a climate of Islamophobia which only encourages racists fascists to launch racist attacks at a time racist atacks are on the increase. Oxford Brookes University should not be giving racists and Islamophobes the prestige of speaking at their institution and we demand Robinson's invitation is withdrawn.

In the event of Robinson's talk going ahead we will protest at Oxford Brookes University from 5pm on Wednesday 8th March London Road entrance