Keeping the fascist Tommy Robinson out of the Oxford Union - update

Almost 200 people, including Billy Hayes, General Secretary of the CWU, Ken Loach film director and Avi Shlaim, Professor Emeritus at Oxford have signed the Oxford UAF letter calling for the Oxford Union to cancel its invitation to Tommy Robinson to speak there.  The Union has yet to reply to the growing concern about their actions boosting the credibility of someone dedicated to stirring up hatred against Muslims.

However the Oxford Union's plan to give a platform to ex-EDL leader Tommy Robinson hit a snag today when Robinson was recalled to prison.  It is as yet unclear how long Robinson will be detained for but the Oxford Union still hopes he will speak for them in the near future.  As it stands we do not know if Robinson will be released by Thursday and become available to speak.  Oxford UAF is still planning to demonstrate until we hear absolute confirmation that either the Oxford Union has cancelled the invitation or Robinson is confirmed to be still in detention.  If you haven't yet please sign the open letter.  If you would like to be added to text update about the protest you can leave your contact details on the open letter or send your number by reply to this email.  We will also post updates via twitter @oxfordUAF.


Oxford and the fight against fascism - mini-conference

Saturday 25th October 2014
12 noon – 4pm

East Oxford Community Centre, 44 Princes St, Oxford OX4 1DD


1,500 people blockaded the Oxford Union against the invitation to BNP leader Nick Griffin and Holocaust denier David Irvine in 2007


Opening session:

  • The Holocaust a warning from history - Tom Kaye  - Unite Against Fascism, plus trade union speaker


  • From Battling The Blackshirts at Carfax to Keeping the BNP Out Ciaran Walsh - radical historian
  • The Rise of the Far Right In Europe Cathy Pound - Hope Not Hate

Final session

  • How do we fight fascism today? Des McDermot - chair Ruskin UCU/UAF activist

All sessions will have a time for discussion and debate.

All welcome