Oxford Mail undermining Oxford Uniting Against Fascism

There has been a consistent refusal by the Oxford Mail to reflect on and report the strength of opposition to fascism in Oxford.  This has ranged from ignoring press releases to counter racist lies being put about by fascist organisations like the EDL, and now the National Front, to  circulating unsubstantiated allegations by a local councillor against Unite Against Fascism while failing to criticise the EDL stirring up racism on our streets.

Our attempt to expose the National Front exploiting the suffering of Oxford victims of sexual abuse in an attempt to stir up racism against Muslim men last Saturday was ignored by the Mail. 

Instead  their report of the protest by Oxford people against fascists bussed in from around the country could have be written by the police press team.  Unite Agaist Fascism's latest press release to the Mail has again been ignore and instead the Oxford Mail has outrageously printed a strange kind of pro-platform for Nazis letter


and they have again put address details of anti-fascists


The actions of the Oxford Mail only help to undermine future mobilisations against fascism. Oxford Unite Against Fascism thinks the Oxford Mail needs to have a good number of phone calls and emails registering our complaints


People can send messages online

Pat Carmody

Oxford UAF

07972 462 966


Solidarity protest for two charged during anti-fascist protest

A protest has been called in solidarity with the two people arrested facing charges arising out of their oppositon to the National Front last Saturday.  Charges are theft of racist banner and obstruction.

No charges have been brought against the National Front for their racist campaigning on the same day.

11 August at 13:00
Oxford Magistrates Court, St Aldates